In the 2nd World War from 19 November 1942 to 8 January 1946, my Dad George Stimpson served as a front line gunner with the Scottish 8th Army division. These images and memories are taken from his scrapbook (in italics) and the fragments of conversations from himself and friends. Like most men returning from war he survived by forgetting … Continue reading GEORGE’S SOLDIER DAYS


Doris was my lovely Mum, who throughout my life was ‘always there for me’, listening and encouraging me to do what I wanted to do. She was a very gentle and sociable person who was interested in people. Consequently everybody liked her. She was born on 26 November 1911 to Mary Ann and Robert John … Continue reading DEAR DORIS

Secret Woodland in Swettenham

I have been visiting The Quinta arboretum situated behind The Swettenham Arms pub for many years. This year the autumn colours of the trees and berries were spectacular. Sir Bernard Lovell of astonomy fame developed the arboretum in 1948 from open grassland. Currently it is owned by Tatton Garden Society and Cheshire Wildlife trust manage the surrounding wildlife area. … Continue reading Secret Woodland in Swettenham